• Stylus Profilometer
    The Rapaid evolution in fields of nano technology, thin filim data storage,
    MEMS, opto-electronices and other new material as lead to the need
    of more precise surface characterization for process development
    and manufactuaring control of scientific research.
    The evaporation system from our Principals M/S. 5Pascal from Italy, Model:
    “Hurricane- 2SC”, is a stand-alone Sputter Coater, PLC controlled,
    designed modular , easy to implement , mounted on a frame with integrated
    electric cabinet based.
    The portable systems Lithos 3000 is an X fluorescence spectrometer
    suitable for fast non-destructive analysis in any working conditions.
    The X-ray tube is equipped with a molybdenum target, with a maximum acceleration
    voltage of 30kV, 0.5 mA current and a 2mm varying spot.
  • Lyophilizer
    CINQUEPASCAL's LIO1000P and LIO2000P series
    shelf freeze- are especially designed for very
    short and reproducible production cycles, with full
    operational, product and environmental safety combined
    with maximum reliability and an extended operational life.
    KOLZER is a premier manufacturer of customer specific Metallizing coating systems,
    all built with the finest components available on the world market. For over 60 years,
    Kolzer has built Metallizers that redefine vacuum coating standards and capabilities
    from the iconic Metallizer DGK36" to the supreme Metallizer MK63".