The smallest XRF/XRD

The smallest XRF/XRD portable spectrometer :

  • Minimum space and power supply required;
  • Safety problems to the minimum;
  • No sample preparation;
  • Minimum size;
  • Easy to use both on site and in a laboratory.

Lithos 3000
Portable Fluorescence Spectrometer
Non-destructive chemical analysis of materials

The portable systems Lithos 3000 is an X fluorescence spectrometer suitable for fast non-destructive analysis in any working conditions. The X-ray tube is equipped with a molybdenum target, with a maximum acceleration voltage of 30kV, 0.5 mA current and a 2mm varying spot. The area of analysis is determined by a series of “turret” collimators, one of which mounts a monochromatic filter for quantitative analysis. The system is operated by means of a portable PC equipped with user-friendly analytical management software, which can be easily used by less expert XRF users. The Lithos 3000 can perform quantitative analysis thanks to new exclusive software which permits accurate quantitative analysis for elements starting from Si. A board handles all communication between the Lithos 3000 and the PC, which can therefore be entirely handled by software.

Advantages of fluorescence X:

  • No sample preparation.
  • No sample contamination
  • Reduced analysis time (not exceeding 200 seconds)
  • Ease of use
  • Repeatability test
  • Low costs

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