Detailed specification system for Sputtering system

The evaporation system from our Principals M/S. 5Pascal from Italy, Model: “Hurricane- 2SC”, is a stand-alone Sputter Coater, PLC controlled, designed modular , easy to implement , mounted on a frame with integrated electric cabinet based.

1. Process chamber:

• Cylindrical Stainless Steel Chamber, vertical axis , with a diameter of 320 [mm ] and an height of 450 [mm ]. The chamber is composed by a lower part , high 250 [mm ] , and an upper part.

  • - The bottom part includes all the necessary flanges for the evacuation and the deposition system accessories .
  • - The upper part includes a sight glass window with protective shutter, manually operated, to prevent contamination during the process and an hinged top cover . The sample holder is mounted on the top cover

The chamber is ready to accept a third magnetron source and various accessories

Vacuum System:

The vacuum system includes the pumping system, vacuum gauges, connections to the process chamber and all valves necessary for the implementation of vacuum cycles.

  • 1 off High vacuum gate valve electro pneumatic actuated, ISO100
  • 2 off electro pneumatic actuated bellows valves NW25 for the roughing and backing pumping
  • 1 off normally closed solenoid valve DN16 for breaking the vacuum in the chamber .
  • 1 off Pirani sensor EDWARDS APG100 -XM -scale 103 - 1000-3 [mbar ]
  • 1 off Cold cathode sensor EDWARDS AIMX scale 10-2-10-9 [mbar ]
  • 1 off Turbomolecular pump , model EDWARDS Nex200D, 250 [l / s ] "on board" controller, with the following characteristics :
    • -Inlet port : ISO100
    • -Pumping speed for Nitrogen : 240 [l / s]
    • -Compression ratio for nitrogen > 1011
    • -Final pressure <6 * 10-8 [mbar ]
    • -Maximum nitrogen flow for water cooled : 45 [ sccm ]
  • 1 off EDWARDS RV12 rotary pump , with the following characteristics :
    • - Displacement 125 [ m³ / h]
    • - Final vacuum : 0.002 [mbar ]


  • MEIVAC Magnetron Sputtering source DC / RF, 2 ' diameter, connected to a RF generator at 13.56 [ MHz] , 300 [W ] , complete with RF cables resistant to high temperature and Capacitive Coupling Automatic Matching Network.
  • MEIVAC Magnetron Sputtering source DC / RF, 2 ' diameter, connected to a DC generator, 1 [ kW ] .
  • Both sources are flex mount type +/- 45° adjustable heads
  • Both sources have a dedicated shutter

Process gas:

  • 1 Thermal Mass Flow Controller software-controlled, 100 sccm complete 2 gases line with dedicated isolation valve

Specimen Holder:

  • Sample holder 3 ' rotating, with rotation speed control.
  • Speed from 0 to 20 [r / min]
  • Heating up to 700 [° C] , with adjustable temperature
  • Manual vertical positioning system , allows to vary the distance between sample and source .

Electrical control panel and control system:

The Automatic / Manual control of the evaporation process takes place via PLC with touch screen video. The dedicated software allows control of the vacuum cycle , the process gas through the flowmeter , the speed and the temperature of the sample holder, the shutter .

Facilities required:

Power : 110/220 V 20 Amp/phase, 50/60Hz
Cooling water: 8 l/m
Compressed air : 3-6 atm

Safety :

Some safety standards are included in our system to preserve the functionality of the system in case of faults such as, for example, a pressure mechanical sensor switch that , by removing power within the chamber when pre pressure is au to 500 mbar ensure safe operations by the operators . Furthermore, all the valves and vacuum pumps are mutually interlocked so as to avoid operating errors harmful for the pumps or for the samples. Each access to the section of the system where they are power generators or potentially dangerous to the user, will be protected by fixing blocks and security switch that will take away the power.